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Cincinnati is the fastest growing economic power in the Midwestern United States. We rank in the top 10 of the largest 50 U.S. Metropolitan areas where minorities are finding success, according to a LendingTree report.

We’re a region where you can make a big impact, and the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative (CMBC) looks forward to making the next decade the most impactful yet as the best place to start, grow, or find resources for your minority business.

We understand that launching your business into the next phase takes a giant leap of faith and access to critical resources.

Building a business is personal. It takes courage, focus, opportunity, and connection to funds and mentorship. That’s the support that the CMBC provides and why we’re honored to share our “Building a Business Enterprise” minority business spotlight showcasing the stories of twelve of the minority businesses in our network who embody the entrepreneurial spirit.

Learn their stories and support them as they continue to make the Cincinnati region an epicenter of minority business success.

Leading the Renaissance

Meet these entrepreneurs who are leading the renaissance of minority-owned businesses and discovering success in the Cincinnati region.

Charlie McGregor

“It was always my end game to have my own business.” Charlie McGregor worked more than 15 years in sales for other people’s companies, but he always believed he would end up at the helm of his own firm.

He was right.

Robert Luft

Meet Robert Luft, a Cincinnati native whose passion for new adventures and leading others started as a child when he used to sell toys and stuffed animals at his yard sales. This entrepreneurial spirit followed him into adulthood, leading him to establish SureFire Innovations in 2016 after serving 16 years in the U.S. Army.

Rachel Angel

“We’ve all heard the story of someone who started as a cashier in a grocery store and worked their way up to CEO, that’s our goal.” Meet Dr. Rachel Angel, President and CEO of Anexsis. Dr. Angel developed Peerro, which is an interactive software, engaging young adults seeking employment.

The Rathores

Meet the Rathores, Heena is the president and CEO, and Rakesh serves as CSO and COO of TruChoicePack. They are inspired to do something that makes a very meaningful contribution to human health and their community.

The Brogdens

Meet the Brogdens, owners of Extreme Clean Auto Detailing LLC. They define success as the ability to excel in an environment that appears to be impossible and improving the lives of others.


Gerardo was born and raised in Spain, where he studied Telecommunications Engineering. Gerardo got an Erasmus scholarship and finished his masters in Sweden, where he lived for a year. He always loved the mix of business and engineering and a family friend suggested he should do an MBA at Xavier, so he packed his bags and, after looking at a map to see where Cincinnati was, he came here.

Bridget Harris

Bridget Harris, President of BTH Construction Delivery, has over 15 years of experience in the architecture and construction industry. Bridget has managed and designed projects ranging from renovations of small-scale buildings to the design and construction of multi-million dollar commercial buildings, complexes and master plans.

Vincent Williams

In 2013, after working his way up through the technology industry as a systems administrator and a network engineer, he encountered a bump in the road that changed the course of his career. 

MichellE Denisoff

Michelle is the only child of Filipino immigrants who migrated from the Philippines to the United States in 1995. She lived in Los Angeles, CA before moving to Cincinnati, OH in 2013. Michelle grew up very close to her parents and family as they were all neighbors growing up in California.

Josh williams

Williams, 32, was born and raised in Cincinnati and went to the University of Cincinnati for pre-med, which was his first introduction to the health care industry. He wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon.

Williams said he has always been entrepreneurial, and when he was working in a hospital, he started talking with his coworkers about the medical supply industry.


Manny Addo is the CEO of Natural Shea Care (NSC), a Cincinnati based company that sells 100 percent all natural skin care products from Africa.

In this capacity he has placed NSC products in various stores in the United States including Jungle Jim’s International Market and 335 Kroger stores.

Joshua Reid

Inphlu is a Cincinnati-based minority business enterprise and tech start-up company that provides automated social media marketing solutions for small businesses, nonprofits and individuals. Each month members receive a social media post idea plan tailored specific to their business and industry, plus step-by-step strategies to create high performing ad campaigns.